Using Katherine's extensive knowledge of the sector, she work's with independent designers, start-ups, and small to mid-sized jewellery and fine jewellery brands to develop strategies in which designers can increase visibility, sales and profitability within the luxury market.

It is a pleasure to find someone who can back-up their knowledge of gemstones, jewellery production and marketing with a wealth of practical experience. Katherine’s enthusiasm for the industry brings that knowledge to life.
Darren Hildrow - Jewellery Director, RainbowWave

Think of her as a fresh pair of eyes helping you to spot opportunities in your business. Her experience, industry connections and business acumen can take your collection to the next level.      




Katherine draws on a mixture of creativity, market knowledge and industry contacts to help you develop your products and collections. To do this, she offers a comprehensive analysis including: preliminary trend report, customer profiling, mood boards, market and sales analysis, followed by a brand development / extension strategy through both brand concepts and product. With strong direction a brand can become more focused and coherent, allowing customers to truly understand who you are.

Service includes:

  • Creative Direction - Developing collections in line with your brand’s DNA.

  • Range Planning – Merchandising assortments and classifications; from entry price-point to hero piece.

  • Cost Reduction - Through sensitive design alterations, maximising perceived value and effective use of precious resources through supplier network.

  • Pricing – Every brand has their own unique formulae for pricing; it must work for you as well as the customer.

During her time with us Katherine impressed the national staff and management with her talent, commitment, and deep understanding of the jewellery industry. Additionally, she helped our artisans design a jewellery product line, trained the staff on assessing gems, and worked on pricing with our jewellers. She also submitted a comprehensive report on the jewellery sector in Afghanistan which exceeded the quality and scope of most reports from previous consultants and experts.

Nathan Stroupe - Country Director, Turquoise Mountain Afghanistan

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An enhanced production strategy results in improved quality, satisfied customers and, of course, superior bottom line performance.

Clients will receive a tailored strategic critical path as well as spec sheets and advice on sampling, sourcing, quality control, invoicing and inventory management.

Quality comes from Katherine’s unparalleled gemological knowledge: She has worked with top designers purchasing stones and negotiating prices.  Her experience working with renowned field gemologist Vincent Pardieu, and cutters in Surat and Jaipur helps her to understand the intricacies of a complex industry. Her gemstone expertise helps designers select the best stones; balancing cut, colour and carat for a successful product.




Katherine can help you find a path to market by optimising sales, building brand awareness and improving market penetration. It’s the perfect strategy for market growth.

Her process relies on competitor and sales analysis and advice on the best route to market be that through department stores, boutiques, private viewings or trade fairs. 



Drawing on her immense experience, Katherine designs bespoke training programs providing theoretical and practical information on your preferred gemstones.

Customers are more likely to buy from people who offer in-depth subject expertise. She combines her gemmological expertise with experience working in sales with stores such as Harrods and Selfridges to show you how to leverage that knowledge to educate and entice customers.




Sustainability is more important than ever for customers. Katherine provide's step by step advice on how to slowly introduce greater sustainability into your supply/production chain, such as using ethically sourced stones, fair-trade, fair-mined, recycled or ecological gold, ensuring fair wages and much more. 

Katherine’s experience working with NGOs; building production capacity in conflict zones, has helped artisan producers increase their income using a variety of approaches including altering production methods, training, or developing products for specific markets.